Limited offer: A4-sized prints for €10 instead of €12
Limited offer: A4-sized prints for €10 instead of €12
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I am looking for a print in a different size/material than offered on your website, what do I do?

I can always create a custom product for you, all you need to do is send an e-mail to with your request. Please note that production time might take longer, and shipping costs can be higher than stated on this website.

I don't see all of your work available as prints?

Correct, this website just launched and I'm adding more of my work every now and then. If you need a print of another work quite soon, send me an email on and I will make sure you get it.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

All products/orders are created on demand, which will take a maximum of 5 working days. After this I will ship the products to you as soon as possible, which will take an additional:
1-3 working days for The Netherlands
2-7 working days for other EU countries
5-7 working days for the United States
5-7 working days for Canada
5-10 working days for Australia.
I cannot be held accountable for any delays due to the COVID-19 situation.
For orders outside Europe, I cannot be held accountable for any additional customs fees.

Do you accept refunds?

No, sorry. All products are created on demand, which means I cannot give you a refund when you change your mind.
When your products are damaged during shipping, you can contact me with pictures of the damage and I can send you a replacement free of charge. 
I cannot be held accountable for problems at delivery companies. However I can always advice you in a case of a e.g. failed delivery, but please make sure your delivery information is correct and you follow any instructions from your local delivery company.  

Are you available for custom work?

Yes, I am! Please send an e-mail to for requests.

Can I use your work for my album cover, advertisement, merchandise etc.?

Most of my works are available for a non-exclusive license, which means you cannot use my art for free. If you're interested in a piece, please send an e-mail to
Do you want an all-exclusive license? Check out my available work here on Art Grab: